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I Don't Like Bullies. Period!

Every day we can read in the newspapers (or hear about on radio and TV) about people getting attacked by thugs in the streets.

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Street thugs in Britain

Every day we can read in the newspapers (or hear about on radio and TV) about people getting attacked by thugs in the streets. Even children are getting attacked, by adults, mugged, abducted, raped, even killed.

What has happened to my beautiful country? A murder in Sweden when I grew up here in the sixties, well, that was big news and something everyone talked about for a long time. It was not very common at all.

Nowadays it is almost an everyday thing on the news. Shootings, stabbings, rape, beatings, robberies, assaults, drugs, honor killings, extortion, arson, and so on, and so on.

The Swedish people (not just Swedish people) are scared. Some of them are too scared to go for a walk, run or a bike ride, especially with a dog. Sporting goods stores are even selling treadmills, so that people do not have go outside.

Is this the kind of society we want to live in? I do not, you?

Unfortunately it is pretty much the same scenario all over Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Norway for example, just like Sweden, has huge problems with rapes, muggings, assaults, etc., and not just incidents happening on the streets either. They occur in homes, in workplaces ... and the statistics are alarming.

Sweden is number two in the world when it comes to rape, the small African country of Lesotho is number one.

When I grew up in Sweden, gang rape was never heard of, now it is almost a daily thing.

Unfortunately many people are not interested in doing anything about this problem. As long as it does not happen to me personally is the thinking but they will get in touch AFTER a harrowing experience … Why not BEFORE?

The politicians will not protect us, they do not give a s… Same thing with the police. If you are lucky, in Sweden, the police might show up after the crime has been committed.

Parents and children are telling me about violent situations in our schools (we also hear about it on the news). Our children are being robbed, stabbed, beaten, abused, raped, harassed, bullied, even shot. Some children no longer go to school. Some even commit suicide.

Many children no longer go to the playground because it is too dangerous. Some families have been forced to move.

Some people, especially elderly citizens, are prisoners in their own homes; they cannot even receive visitors because they are being attacked.
If we continue down this road, what will life be like in say 5 – 10 years from now? 15 – 20 years from now?
Will we be able to protect ourselves and our families? Do we have what it takes? Do we have the correct “tools”? The correct skills? I can answer yes to all of them questions. You?

I refuse to let thugs, fanatics and psychopaths control my life, dictate the rules. I am not going to change my habits. If I want to take my dogs for a walk in the city for example, I will, and I do! Try to stop me!

Does not mean I will walk and push myself through a gang of street thugs, just to try to prove something. I have nothing to prove. I am a mature adult, not a stupid, insecure teen. By the way, I was not that stupid and immature as a teen either.

I do not bother others, I am never rude, quite the opposite. I will always help people. I am always nice to people. (Why would I not be?) I will protect others (strangers) if necessary. Have done so more than once.

I hate bullies, rude people, thieves and other a…..s. Why in the hell can we not just be nice towards each other?

I have never stood up to a bully, which would not crumble like a house of cards when confronted. As soon as these cowards meet resistance, they will show their true colors.

I will always try to avoid trouble. Why would I go looking for it? Only stupid idiots do. You are a jerk and a fool if you go looking for it.

We only have one life, as far as I know anyway. Why waste it on arguing and fighting?

Of course, if people leave me no choice, if I am forced to, yes I will fight without any hesitation. I will hit first, I will hit very fast, I will hit to cause maximum damage and I will keep the pressure on until the threat is gone.

Action is ALWAYS faster than reaction!

This is not martial arts or a sport. This is real life, I will have to knock the person out, who was stupid enough to attack me. Or, I will have to hurt him, put him down, cause such pain that he no longer constitutes a threat. Absolute worst case scenario: Kill or get killed. You ready for this? How strong is your will to survive?

When violence is the answer, it is the ONLY answer.

How brutal, savage, ruthless, cruel and aggressive are you prepared to be, if necessary? How far are you willing, prepared to go?

Unfortunately, many people do not want to take any kind of responsibility for their own lives. They want society to protect them, and so forth. I agree to a certain extent, of course, that a society ought to protect its people but what do you do when society will not give you protection? Should society assign a couple of bodyguards to each member of society?

Even if the police wanted to, they cannot be there all the time to protect each member of society. We all understand that.

So what can we do?

One of the first things I teach is about developing a proper mindset for self defense and preventative measures if you do find yourself in trouble. Naturally, if you are not even there in the wrong place, how can you end up in trouble? People with bad intentions cannot rob you, beat you up, abuse you, kidnap you or kill you, if you are somewhere else - safer.

But what if, for example, you are waiting for the bus and some lowlife starts harassing you? Lowlifes with evil intentions will usually start off by talking to their intended victim. They will want to see how their target will react because they do not want a fighter on their hands. That would make them scared if they discover that you will fight back. So before he/she goes any further, he/she will most likely test if you are a victim.

At this point, you can usually stop anything further from happening, because seldom will an evil one physically attack you, if you do the correct thing. It is quite simple, most of the time. Something you can learn very quickly.

Does it really work? How do I know that it works? Yes, of course it really works. I have a lifetime of experience from all corners of the world. Everything that I teach, has been tested in the real world. It has been proven many times that it works. Not just by me and my clients, by others too. Plus, the fact is, I am still here, breathing and writing this…

I do not teach fantasy. I have never been interested in what can be achieved visually on film - that is fiction, choreographed and rehearsed and highly manipulated through CGI (computer generated imagery). It’s not real. Therefore I do not train for fantasy and film. I am O N L Y interested in the real world. If I were to train for fantasy and film, I would be screwed out there in the real world. I am not much for BS. Therefore, I do not teach BS either.

If anyone wants to ask me questions, feel free to do so. If you want to send me an e-mail, go to the website:

Just remember, before you ask me to show up and take care of your problems, I am N O T!! a hit man. So please do not ask me. I have protected people, but that is something TOTALLY different. Maybe I will write about that some other time.

Have a very good Christmas and New Year!



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